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Aloha Sauce & Glaze

Pickin' N Grillin' BBQ

SB - AG-002

Colorful, fresh, and tantalizing flavor just begging to be enjoyed - welcome to Pickin' N Grillin' Aloha Sauce & Glaze!

Spice up your summer grilling sessions with this scrumptious BBQ glaze. Featuring a hint of pineapple, a touch of mango and added splash of vinegar - you won't need any other condiments once this is applied on your grilled meats! Plus the sweet brown sugar will have your taste buds jumping for more after each bite.

Let's take that tropical island feel from Hawaii straight into your backyard parties and make them extra flavorful with Pickin' N Grillins Aloha Sauce & Glaze - it'll become your favorite go-to sauce every time you fire up the grill. Fun times call for great flavors!

Get grilling — don’t forget the aloha sauce!

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