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About Us

Scottie Chunn is a BBQ pitmaster and musician.

Scottie Chunn is a man of many talents, multipassionate some would say.  He's been gifted with the love of playing music and cooking.  From childhood days strumming on his guitar to traveling as an electrician while grilling up delicious meals; Scottie's creative genius shines through in everything he does. His passion for BBQ even landed him 5th place at a pro level Memphis Barbecue Network sanctioned event right out of the gate- Pickin' N Grillin', indeed!

Scottie is a BBQ maestro with an entirely unique set of flavor profiles to back it up - his original sauces, seasonings and rubs have been wowing competitive cooking circuits from the beginning. After earning three coveted stage walks at Memphis in May World Championship of Barbecue for 6th place Whole Hog, Scottie's products only grew more popular amongst teams competing on various BBQ networks ranging from Kansas City Barbecue Society to International Competition Barbecue Alliance. Now you too can experience award-winning flavors without having to compete!

After suffering a life-threatening illness in 2018 and undergoing an organ transplant, Scottie had to say goodbye to his electrical contracting business. But instead of letting this tragic chapter close the book on his dreams, it turned a page into another: BBQ.  In just a few short years, he's crafted an impressive line of slow-smoked barbecue products that are sure to satisfy the taste buds - proving that when life gives you lemons (or rather a liver), make some mouthwatering ribs!

 Scottie's journey through the BBQ competition circuits has been more than just a quest to win accolades - he's forged not only lasting friendships but also invaluable mentorships - both in culinary and business expertise.



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