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About Us

Scottie Chunn is a BBQ pitmaster and musician.

He has many musical talents, since childhood and plays numerous
instruments to this day.
He’s always enjoyed cooking and playing music, both of which seem to
come naturally.
During his college years, and throughout much of his career traveling
as an electrician, he cooked most meals on a grill while enjoying
playing music. Hence the name, Pickin’ N Grillin’.

A few years back, he entered a pro-level Memphis Barbecue Network
sanctioned event for fun with his lifelong college and musician
friends, and earned a 5th place in whole hog. He had officially been
bitten by the competition BBQ bug. Since that time, he has competed on
the Memphis Barbecue Network, Kansas City Barbecue Society, Barbecue
Competition Alliance, Steak Cooking Association, and International
Competition Barbecue Alliance circuits, even earning TWO coveted stage
walks at the World Championship of BBQ, Memphis In May, with a 6th
place whole hog.

Scottie developed a fascination with creating different flavor
profiles to complement different types of meats, regional flavors, and
various cooking techniques. That is the curiosity that led to the
development of our original BBQ products, including seasonings,
sauces, rubs, etc. The first of which was sauces, originally intended
to be shared on the competition circuit, but surprisingly it became
highly sought after among teams and judges, and earning the top spot
in sauce competitions.

He previously owned an electrical contracting business, but in 2018,
he suddenly became very ill. Subsequently undergoing an organ
transplant. His prolonged illness resulted in the closure of his
electrical business. Despite that difficulty, it has allowed Scottie
to now follow his passion of BBQ. What was initially a hobby of
interest, has now developed into a full line of BBQ products in the
pipeline. He spends a lot of his time cooking, mostly slow-smoked

Throughout that time on the competition circuits, Scottie has made
some treasured friends, many of which have become invaluable mentors
as well, not only in the cooking side of BBQ but also in the business





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